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                                                          What are Ghosts?

What are ghosts?

Ghosts are the continued essence, soul. or spirit of a person after death.
If you look into a mirror, what you see now is what you would see if you were a ghost. The intelligence and emotion that made up who we werein this life, survives the death process. This energy is considered to be our souls.We know that this is not a figment of our imagination because we are able to detect the energy emitted by entities through changes in the electromagnetic field. Ghosts are people, governed by emotional stimuli.

They sometimes become stuck here, or in ghost hunters term, earthbound or anchored. What controls us in life, will also control us in the spirit realm. this includes emotions and addictions.Earthbound ghosts are here for several reason. They may have died a tragic death, such as a vehicle accident, and don't realize they are dead. Another reason is love. When family or friends continually grieve, unable to let go of loved one, it can bind them here. this is why it is important for everyone to understand life after death. It is not what the movies and media have made it ou to be.

They have mislead the public for many years as to what ghosts are, what they look like and how they behave. Yes, there are evil spirits, which we call malevolent spirits, but the chances of encountering one are very slim. The majority of cases I researched, have resulted in psychokinetic activity. This is when objects are moved about using only the mind in an unconios manner. The subject usually does not even know they are causing the activity. So what do ghost look like? Well, they can appear in many forms.

They appear to us in orbs, vortices, ecto-mist and apparition so the most common form that we encounter are the orbs. We can capture these sphere shaped objects in photographs and video. A vortex is simply a means of moving about for the spirits of the dead. It appears as a tubular shaped funnel in photographs and is often mistaken as a camra strap. From my research, i have discoverd that a vortex is made up os several orbs traveling about. This is why we believe it to be like a vehicle for them to travel to different places.

Ecto-mist or ectoplasm, appears as fog in a photo. it resembles swirls of smoke or vapor. The vapor trails are generally white. Ecto-mist is caused by orbs in motion that have come to rest and disolve. In some ectoplasm mist which contain swirls, orbs can be observed.

Before assuming you have an anomaly in any photo or video, you must rule out any other possibility. This is why ghost hunters have a set of standards and protocols that they must follow before making any assumptions. I also follow strict guidelines and rules when conducting any investigation.