The Spirit Hunter Society


                                                    Standards and Protocol

1. Avoid taking pictures in the rain or when it?s snowing or foggy. Moisture or precipitation in the air can and will cause artificial anomalies to appear on film. Also remember that precipitation is in the air before & after a storm.

2. Do not smoke during an investigation. Also stay away from lit barbeques and open campfires. In other words, avoid smoke, flames.

3. Hold your breath when snapping photos on a cold night. Exhaled breath can show up as a mist or fog on film. 

4. Tie long hair back so it doesn?t show up in front of the lens. 

5. Know where your camera strap is at all times. Either have it around your neck or take it off. Also be mindful of a tangling lens cover. 

6. Avoid taking pictures during any adverse weather conditions. Including windy days. 

7. Stay off private property unless you have permission.  

8. Never go on an investigation alone. Particularly in a secluded area.  

9. Make sure your camera lens is clean. A smudge can look like an anomaly. 

10. Know where your fingers are and keep them away from the lens.  

11. Avoid taking pictures of shinny objects. This means glass, mirrors, reflective objects and anything that shines or that could cause a reflection. 

12. If you are using a camera with night settings, use that setting when taking pictures in the evening and inside of dark buildings. 

13. Avoid lens flair. Never take pictures in the direction of the sun or a strong light source. Try to have light sources behind you when snapping a picture. 

14. No horse play during an investigation.  

15. Never dare spirits to come around. You might get your wish and they aren't always friendly during these situations. 

16. Promote positive energy during an investigation or ghost hunt. The good ghosts will sense fear and stay away out of kindness and the bad ones will feed off of your fear. Either way, for best results and safety, always go into an investigation with positive & compassionate feelings. In other words think happy thoughts.

17. Let the ghosts know what you are doing and why you are there. Invite them to have their picture taken. 

18. Be objective about the things you encounter! Try to find other rational for everything. If there is no other explanation for what you witness, you may be on to something!

19. It's always a good idea to keep a cell phone with you just in case.

20. A ghost hunt is no place for cigarettes and alcohol. Cigarette smoke looks like ghostly forms in photos and alcohol can distort your senses. That goes for any other mind altering substances as well.