The Spirit Hunter Society


                                                                   About Us

My names Dave Conover, Founder of TSHS. Est. in 2005,

The Spirit Hunter Society's mission is to not only continue the study of ghosts and the after life by means that were founded by early ghost researchers, but to also further the study and take it to the next level (which is long overdue) by thinking outside of the box and trying new and fresh ideas. At present there are still mostly theories and very few facts about ghosts and the after life. Just as religion, many beliefs about ghosts and the after life are based purely on religious beliefs, faith, myths and superstition and not fact. It is likely that no one will ever discover what the after life itself truly has in store (at least where other possible dimensions are concerned) until they one day find that place. However, we do feel that it is entirely possible to at least gain a better understanding of what the after life consists of here on earth. We also feel that it may be possible to even establish a direct line of communication with the dead as technology continues to advance. We hope to contribute to science, as well as society as a whole by continuing our ghost studies and sharing our findings with all who are in seek of truth and facts concerning the after life. When and if these secrets of the universe become known and they are no longer "theories", perhaps then we as a society will strive to be better people. For then, there may truly be reason to fear the consequences.... We invite those who are looking for understanding of the paranormal phenomena occurring in their homes or businesses

We are located in Gettysburg / Littlestown PA. 



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